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May 15 -
May 22, 2015


me & you (transparencies), ink on Inomache Nacre, beeswax, image courtesy of Kristin Calhoun


Recent Work of Kristin Leigh Calhoun

May 15 - May 22, 2015
Opening Reception: Friday, May 15 from 5-8pm

Up Next: Stealth investigations

June 5 - July 17, 2015
Reception and Artist Panel: Friday, May 26 from 5-8pm

Interpolations employs an established system of written symbols in a contemplative and sociolinguistic exploration of ideas in the realm of individual and collective identity. Laying bare the innate power of the vernacular to delineate and divide with its seemingly innocuous presence, Kristin Leigh Calhoun pares down language as subject in order to address the role that interpretation plays in our lived and perceived relationships. The phenomenological experience of ‘self’ and ‘other,’ simultaneously precious and common, is reflected in this grouping of elegantly wrought typographic drawings. Sophisticated and refined in their attention to material, these ambiguous and mercurial works reveal, conceal, and ultimately challenge the structural logic of our historically, culturally, and individually prescribed social parameters.

Opening Reception:
Friday, May 15 from 5-8p

Gallery Hours: Thursdays & Fridays, 12-5 and by appointment. Please call (505)228-3749 for more information.

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